Born in 1964, Yong Zhang graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Fine Arts School of Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. Starting as a full-time designer, Zhang designed and publicized more than 200 philately works from 1991 to 2001, 8 of which won the Best Philately Design Awards. From then on, his career as a painter officially took off during his first exhibition in the 10th China Art Exposition, with his five exhibited tempera paintings all bought by Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong. He participated in Zhejiang Merchants Autumn Art Auction and Chinese Realistic Oil Painting A&F Auction in 2007 and 2013, with the tempera paintings “Into the Winter” from the Old Times series and “Green” from the Scattered Triviality series, respectively.

His hometown has become the chief inspiration for most of his works. He primarily paints in the realism genre, and his artworks generally express a sense of nostalgia for the lost Beijing Hutong traditional culture. One of his most significant works, “Demolish!” (Old Times Series No.30) depicts a critical realistic scenario with two elders deep in conversation while standing in front of a half-visible word “Demolish” in Chinese. This painting made its appearance in the 20th New Works Exhibition of China Artists Association, along with “Old Wall Root”. Approximately ten artworks were selected as model paintings published on official university textbooks. In July 2020, his tempera painting “Play Chess” was chosen in the 107th Annual Exhibition held by Allied Artists of America. Later in September, his “Monk in Red”, tempera on wood board, won 1st place in the 2020 American Art Awards.

Demolish! (Old Times Series No.30)

Monk in Red

Play Chess

Old Wall Root

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